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Our mission is to build the modern and innovative organization for development and research, providing knowledge about current state and trends on the real-estate markets:

  • generally for all interested parties through our website
  • specialized services for members of clients of the Institute


  • creating, spreading and strengthening the positive image of the Certified Property Appraisers
  • contributing to protection of the Property Appraisers’ vocation
  • improving our professional knowledge
  • providing assistance to our members within the scope of our constitution
  • implementing an integrated system for monitoring real estate markets
  • support in processing and analysing of the collected market data for usage of the members of the Institute
  • organization, maintenance and implementation of innovative solutions, which are designed to improve the work of Property Appraisers
  • regular technical analyzes of the real estate markets
  • integration of the Property Appraisers in general and members of our Institute

Stowarzyszenie realizuje swoje cele między innymi poprzez:

  1. keeping web portals
  2. allowing members of the Institute mutual exchange of market data and other information on the issues of real estate market in particular: methodology, law, professional issues, etc.
  3. initiating research, solutions and projects for the improvement of methods and techniques for services provided for the real estate market
  4. organizing training, specialty courses, conferences, seminars and workshops
  5. promotion of ethics and enforcement of compliance by members of the Institute
  6. development, publishing and issuing market analyses and other material related to the real estate market
  7. inspiring and conducting various forms of operations promoting the objectives of the Institute


The initiative to establish the association of appraisers called the Institute for Real Estate Market Monitoring and Analytics Silesia begun with the necessity to increase effectiveness through collaboration. The core group of appraisers was connected by the idea of exchanging transaction data and was established in November 2005 and consisted of about 25 real estate appraisers. They exchanged information about their respective regional markets by means of e-mails and spreadsheet files. Due to the rapidly growing interest in the organization and joining of an increasing number of appraisers, the existing form ceased to be suitable for servicing the rapidly expanding area of operations. In October 2006, a meeting took place, during which it was decided that the exchange of transaction data will be based on the Partner’s information exchange system Valor provided by Pronet from Katowice. At that time, the group underwent an internal reorganization which resulted in the development of a Cooperation Agreement between the group members called Signatories. From November 30, 2006, the group’s core, elected authorities and divided areas of Silesian Voivodeship.

Due to the willingness to further develop and improve the quality of work the group consisting of 140 appraisers decided to create their own IT solution for the Date Base in 2012. To implement this undertaking, the company Wide Lane Ltd. from Cracow was chosen together with a team of Signatories. It took about two years to build the system from scratch. This period characterized by very dynamic and intensive work both on the side of the team and the company that carried out this task. During this period, there were numerous changes to the approach to entering the data as well as data presentation and the core shape of the system. The system was tested for its functionality and stability for many weeks. Finally, in July 2014, the system called Pricebook was permanently launched in the Silesia group. Created from scratch system for the appraisers combines modernity, professionalism and scalability with the possibility of adding further modules extending the program’s capabilities. In its present shape, it significantly fulfills the needs placed on these types of products. Today, the Institute’s members can be proud of one of the best IT solutions for storing, sharing and analyzing data from the real estate market. In the period up to the end of 2014, the Baza Silesia group organized numerous free trainings for its Signatories in the scope of handling the new solution at the basic and advanced level.

At the end of 2014, the idea of forming an official organization took root. The organization would support its members in professional collection of data.

This idea was approved by the majority of Signatories. A team of founding members of the Association was established and after three months of intensive work the association called the Institute for Monitoring and Analytics of the Real Estate Market Silesia was established with headquarters in Katowice. It was in March 2015.

The decision to establish the Institute resulted in the reorganization of rules, the preparation of numerous documents and quality standards based on many years of our experience. As the only appraisers organization in Poland that can pride oneself on:

  • a unified system for entering data into the database through the development of Guidelines for Institute Members
  • cost-free software
  • obligation to undergo training by newly admitted members consisting of the basics of Pricebook, data entry rules and understanding of notarial deeds finalized with a skill verifying test
  • introduction of the Copyrights specifying the rights and obligations of using market data exchange system
  • implementation of data entry quality assessment system
  • implementation of Quality Certificates module
  • implementation of an internal forum which allows resolving problems regarding different matters related to the profession of property appraiser
  • organization of a discussion list for quick information exchange
  • implementation of Silesian markets analyses on the Institute’s website
  • six Coordinators are currently coordinating the work of the Institute’s members in the field of data entry
  • Moderator takes care of analysis of technical problems, solving them and supporting through so-called help members of the Institute

Organizationally, members are assigned to appropriate regions in 6 areas: North, South, East, West, Center and Podbeskidzie, which cover the entire area of the Silesian Voivodeship. Currently, the Institute expands its activities to neighboring areas of Opolskie and Lesser Poland Voivodeships. The current number of members reached about 200 active property appraisers.

The basic condition to become a member of the Institute is to obtain public qualifications of real estate appraiser as well as fulfilling the requirements of providing market data from the allocated area on a quarterly basis. In exchange for entered and shared data, members receive the data provided by other members to easy the requirements of professional obligation of property appraiser. The data feed takes place quarterly and is topped with a Reporting Assembly where members are accounted for by the Coordinators regarding the quality and quantity of transactions entered into the Data Base. After each quarter, around 10,000 new transactions are provided from Silesian Voivodeship into the database. Currently, the resources of Silesia Database contain real estate data collected in an uninterrupted manner since 2005.

Based on the Copyrights members of the Institute are forbidden to supply other databases with information obtained from the Institute’s Data Base under heavy penalties.

Admissions to the Institute are conducted only during quarterly meetings at the written request from concerned persons.


Pricebook is a modern system and application enabling data collection of real estate transaction and information exchange between members of the Institute. This tool is intended for property appraisers.

The system consists of 3 elements:

  • Desktop application that allows processing of information acquired from the deeds,
  • CRM system that supports an online database as well as user accounts and group associations. This system is a powerful platform that has been implemented in dozens of business solutions. The system contains hundreds of options that have been disabled for the current Pricebook environment. However these options can be turned on when there will be need or an office module, storing documents, invoicing, repertory, personnel management, etc.
  • CMS system supporting website information page and communication as well as user profiles

Pricebook has been developed with the latest IT technologies, which enables dynamic development and removes most of the barriers for implementing new solutions.

The mission pursued by Pricebook is to ensure the protection of information entered by group members and development, aimed at increasing the quality of collected information and tools for their processing.

All connections between end users and service provider work are carried out on the basis of formal agreements, ensuring security and giving guarantees to the user regarding the availability of the website and the protection of their data.

Pricebook ensures EU standards and legal regulations in line with the requirements of Polish law regarding the protection of sensitive data and guarantees for the end user. These are among others:

  • Privacy policy in accordance with the EU directive and regulations
  • Reporting the company to GIODO and providing training for the staff
  • Agreements ensuring data security
  • SLA document – a part of the contract and a guarantee of availability of the system

Customer data and information from the real estate market are processed only for purposes of real estate appraisers.

What are the features of Pricebook?

  • end user can install the desktop application on many computer stations
  • low subscription costs
  • the possibility of creating sub-accounts for employees or assistants with assigning appropriate permissions
  • a clear and lawful contract for the provision of services rendered
  • SLA guarantees for proper performance of the service provided
  • access to online and offline data through the desktop application and through the website
  • innovative approach and continuous development – we are close and listen to your needs
  • data security – end users are owners of the data their entered
  • modern technologies allowing dynamic development
  • ergonomic interface: different views, styles or font sizes
  • tools for exchanging information in a group such as chat, forum, mailing list, comment system
  • group management tools
  • tools for managing dictionaries
  • location tools and maps
  • flexibility for working on one or many monitors
  • dozens of advanced functions, such as: equation fields, advanced filters, the ability to write database queries and transaction tables allowing high levels filters
  • module for importing data from Excel files, intelligent algorithms that match data to the database

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