Institute offer

  • Monitoring of real estate deals in Silesia focusing on price trends in selected segments of the real estate market.
  • Analysis of Real Estate markets:
    • Analysis of the average deals’ prices for selected cities of Silesia,
    • Specialized analysis for selected segments of Silesian Real Estate Market,
    • Analysis of the potential of given locations for the planned investment.
    • Supply analysis for the given locations.
  • Property Valuation – Appraisals of Real Estates, companies, machinery and equipment are done individually or in teams by members of the IMARS.

The Institute brings together around 200 Appraisers and manages the largest database of real estate deals in Silesia. In order to select the Appraiser located near you, we encourage you to use our search engine.

We invite government, corporations, companies and private people to cooperation.

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