Courses & Trainings

Meeting the needs of the “Baza Silesia” members started to organize internal courses and trainings to support our Appraisers. It concerned especially the usage of the new software PriceBook, which was created at the initiative of the members of “Baza Silesia” and the Pricebook Consortium. The modern market is characterized by high dynamics and variability which significantly affects the work of Property Appraisers, and therefore encourages us for improvement through professional education. When “Baza Silesia” transformed into the Institute for Monitoring and Analysis of the Real Estate Markets “Silesia” new possibilities emerged.

We support our members and Property Appraisers in improving their professional qualifications, and we provide the market and customers with reliable information about the real estate market, its mechanisms, legal specifics, different procedures for the purchase of real estates, etc.

The Mission of the Institute is to monitor and analyze information about the current state and trends on the real estate markets. Members of the Institute constantly raise their qualifications, in order to meet this objective and provide our customers with the best possible products.

We offer:

  • internal training and courses – for the members of the Institute
  • external training and courses:
    • open – anyone can attend
    • closed – for organizations.

Thematic scope

  • Personal development influencing the quality and efficiency of work
  • Problems and issues of the real estate market.
  • Matters regarding Appraisers’ work.

We are excited to invite experienced lecturers and trainers to provide training for our members.